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Hantidii dhulka ee luntay

200.00 kr

ISBN: 978-91-752530-8-4

Author: Jens Hansegård

Illustrator: Anders Nyberg

Category: Children’s books

Age: 9-12 years

Pages: 46

Published: 2020-05-28

Material: Hard cover

Illustrerad: Colour

Language: Somali

Original title in Swedish:

Försvunna skatter

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Our world is full of hidden and lost treasures waiting to be discovered. For millennia, treasures have sparked the curiosity, imagination, and greed of fortune seekers. But the paths to these lost treasures are many and difficult. One must dare to explore underground tunnels, leap over deep mountain chasms, and avoid deadly traps. One must be able to crack mysterious codes and search historical documents for clues. But one thing is absolutely certain: the treasures are out there. And they are just waiting to be discovered by you…

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