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Ila dabbaalo (New book)

200.00 kr

ISBN: 978-91-988404-3-8

Author: Musa M. Isse

Illustrator: Sanna Borell

Category: Children’s books

Age: 3-6 years

Pages: 32

Published: 2024-05-22

Material: Hard cover

Illustrerad: Colour

Language: Somali

Original title in Swedish: 

Simma med mig

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In this story, we meet Asli and her mother, who, despite her fear of water, accompanies Asli to the swimming pool for her sake. This fear stems from traumatic experiences when the family fled from the war in Somalia and had to cross a stormy sea in a small rubber boat to Italy. Asli understands that the swimming pool and its basins are not the same as the dangerous sea, and she wishes that her mother would overcome her fear and swim with her, especially in the large pool.

When they find out that there is a swimming school for adults, hope sparks within Asli. She dreams that one day they will be able to swim together. The story, written by Musa M. Isse and illustrated by Sanna Borell, is about facing one’s fears and the importance of keeping promises. It is a warm and contemporary story that shows courage and hope through vibrant illustrations.

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