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Bojan iyo gaadhiga dabdamiska

150.00 kr

ISBN: 978-91-752541-9-7

Author: Johan Anderblad

Illustrator: Filippa Widlund

Category: Children’s books

Age: 3-6 years

Pages: 32

Published: 2022-03-04

Material: Hard cover

Illustrerad: Colour

Language: Somali

Original title in Swedish:

Bojan och brandbilen

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Both factual and fictional. Fires need to be extinguished and animals need to be rescued. All at just the right level for a four-year-old, by Bolibompa’s Johan Anderblad, who knows everything about big vehicles. Deep and reality-based without being too long to read aloud over and over again! Detailed illustrations by Filippa Widlund, who manages to give even the largest vehicles charm and personality.

Bojan is lying in bed trying to fall asleep when he remembers seeing a fire truck earlier that day. Bojan asks his mom, Bibbi, if she has ever driven a fire truck, and she has, because she has driven almost all kinds of vehicles. She has even worked as a firefighter and tells Bojan all about the fire truck and how it can extinguish fires.

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