Digaaggii oday Baashe

It was a beautiful spring morning. The birds were singing in every bush; leaves and blades of grass were sprouting and everywhere small creatures were flying and crawling and working. Findus ran around scaring beetles. Old man Pettson was standing in the vegetable patch looking at and feeling the soil. “Now’s the right time”, he said. “Today we shall sow vegatables and set potatoes.” But Findus was of another opinion as to what the vegetable-patch should be used for. The hens too and even the cows wanted a say in the matter.

Keeggii maalinta dhalashada

Pancakes for Findus is the first story in the adventures of farmer Pettson and his cat Findus. Pettson wants to bake a birthday cake for Findus, who has three birthdays a year. But how will they get the eggs with the bull in the way?

Findus and Pettson live in a ramshackle cottage in the country, with a henhouse, workshop, and woodshed. Their fascinating, magical world is inhabited by tiny creatures who move Pettson’s things about when he isn’t looking.